Azam FC invests in young Tanzanian talent through partnership program

14Mar 2024
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Azam FC invests in young Tanzanian talent through partnership program

AZAM FC, a prominent Tanzanian football club, has embarked on an ambitious initiative to groom young sporting talents across the nation.


The club has partnered with eight academies strategically located in various regions, establishing them as Azam FC centers.

These centers will act as talent scouts, identifying promising young footballers who have the potential to join the prestigious Azam FC Academy.

The Initial phase of the program includes partnerships with academies like JK7Pro Football Center (Tanga), Tutes Hub Sports Center (Songea), Maendeleo Youth Sports Center (Mtwara), Kilwa Youth Sports Center (Lindi), Muleba Youth Sports Center (Kagera), Mwanga City Sports Center (Kigoma), Rungwe Youth Sports Center (Mbeya), and Korogwe Youth Soccer Center (Korogwe).

These centers will serve as crucial outposts in Azam FC’s nationwide search for talented young athletes.

While these Azam FC centers the club will provide a primary pool of recruits.

Azam FC acknowledges the abundance of talent throughout Tanzania.

The club remains committed to scouting exceptional young players across the country, irrespective of their location. 

Formal contracts have been established between Azam FC and each of the participating academies.

The outfit's vice chairman Omary Be closely monitored the signing process, ensuring a strong foundation for this collaborative effort.

To further solidify this partnership, Azam FC’s youth team representatives will soon visit these Azam FC centers.

These visits aim to connect with the coaches who nurture these young talents and provide them with valuable guidance.

The goal is to equip these coaches with a clear understanding of the specific requirements and playing styles sought by Azam FC in potential recruits.

While the initial phase focuses on eight strategically chosen locations, Azam FC’s vision extends far beyond.

The club aspires to establish a comprehensive network of Azam FC centers throughout Tanzania, ultimately encompassing all regions within the country.

Through this program, Azam FC aspires to become a breeding ground for the best young Tanzanian footballers, providing them with the opportunity to refine their skills and potentially progress to the prestigious Azam FC Academy.

This strategic investment in youth development is expected to yield a significant benefit for Azam FC.

By establishing a nationwide network of talent scouts and fostering strong partnerships with regional academies, the club aims to secure a steady stream of promising young players.

This initiative not only strengthens the club’s competitive edge but also contributes to the broader development of Tanzanian football by nurturing young talent and shaping the future stars of the sport.

Azam FC has excelled, particularly in nurturing football talent, with numerous players progressing from its academy to feature prominently in Tanzania’s top league and even in major African leagues.

At the recently concluded 2023 AFCON, Azam FC notably contributed eight players to Tanzania's senior national team.

They are Himid Mao, Mohamed Hussein, Novatus Dismas, Simon Msuva, Lusajo Mwaikenda, and Aishi Manula, among others, who had honed their skills in the club’s academy.


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