Samia lists urgent tasks for new RCs

14Mar 2024
Carlos Banda
Dar es salaam
The Guardian
Samia lists urgent tasks for new RCs

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has directed newly appointed regional commissioners to oversee the effective utilisation of resources in agriculture, trade and tourism, and address security challenges facing the public in their respective regions.



President Samia issued these instructions at the State House in Dar es Salaam yesterday, at the swearing in of newly appointed RCs, district commissioners and other senior government officials reassigned to attend to new functions.

The president notably instructed the new Mtwara RC, Lt. Col. Patrick Sawala, to address security and other challenges on the Tanzania-Mozambique border.

She pointedly acknowledged that the ranking military officer was promoted due to excellent performance as a DC, thus despite being new to Mtwara the government is confident of his ability to represent it well there.

As Mozambique is a strategic neighbour the RC needs to be sure to collaborate with security and safety committees and the good neighbourliness committee to address existing challenges, she said.

She expressed awareness about complaints in the region concerning the surge in trade and businesses coming from outside the region, noting that the RC has to properly oversee such movements in working to manage security, as Tanzania benefit significantly in trading with Mozambique.

“It is important for trade to grow in the area. Mtwara is an important region economically owing to cashew nuts,” she said, underlining the need to boost cashew output and expand farming.

“We have decided to have the cashew nuts exported directly from Mtwara port,” she said, citing a trial last season and obtaining positive feedback from international markets that the exports were of good quality.

“When we export the cash crop directly, it goes with the required standards as compared to road transportation from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam, given that disruptive impacts occur to the produce destined for export.

The government has established cashew nut clusters and processing factories, and the new RC needs to ensure they are properly managed to boost employment opportunities for youths in the region.

Peas and sesame seeds now have reliable markets in India, with last year prices being favourable thus helping to bolster farm acreage and output, she said, pointing out that the region also holds potential for tourism yet to be utilised. “You can go with a team of experts to explore the available opportunities, reveal them and necessary actions will be taken. The region possesses many resources which if used properly Mtwara and Lindi can become the richest regions in the country,” she said.

President Samia also instructed Paul Chacha, the new RC for Tabora, to address environmental challenges attributed to tobacco farming, as producers cut down trees for drying tobacco.

“The government has made efforts in collaboration with tobacco purchasing companies to deploy new technology for drying the crop,” she said, instructing the new RC to ensure the technology is used effectively.

The RC also needs to oversee cotton producers so that they can benefit from the fruits of their labour, she said, work to boost honey production and put up small honey processing industries.

This will create jobs in the region, she said, equally citing the presence of various agricultural projects implemented in the region, like an irrigation project in Inala area. It was purposely set up to boost the country’s food security and cut food shortages in the region and neighbouring areas, she stated.

Songwe RC Daniel Chongolo was instructed to address economic crimes, tax evasion and foreign currency dealings taking place in the region especially at the Tunduma border zone linking Tanzania and Zambia. Addressing the challenges will help the region to become more self-sufficient while boosting revenue collection, she stated.

Shinyanga RC Anamringi Macha was instructed to ensure the production of cotton surges to high levels, employ measures to motivate the people of Shinyanga to put more effort in socio-economic pursuits.

RC Macha was directed to follow-up on the progress of Buzwagi clusters where industrial clusters are to be established for the mining sector, to ensure that the project is successful.

Christina Mndeme, now the Union and Environment deputy permanent secretary in the Vice President’s Office, was instructed to ensure Tanzania becomes an example in rolling out clean cooking energy for women.




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